ANTIFA website hacked twice in one day


Earlier today, the “anti-fascist” website, was hacked and taken over by unknown hackers who replaced content on the website with a world war II propaganda video.

Prior to being hacked, the website hosted articles about how to join ANTIFA groups nationwide and how to “punch nazis”.

Seen below:


The group’s website defined “Nazis” to include Republicans, conservatives, alt-righters, police officers and even firefighters:


None of these articles and directives were available on the site however, after the hack took place.

Instead, they were placed with the following Nazi propaganda video:

The group re-gained control of the website later-on in the day thanks to their domain manager, Namecheap, and issued a statement on their front page blaming the “Alt-Right” for the hack.

They alleged that they lost control of the site after alt-righers hacked into their Namecheap account.

“All of our member data is secure and we are constantly working to improving our security so we can fight the power more effectively” the statement read.


They must not have improved their systems in time, because they were just hacked again.

This time, a message was inscribed on the front page while a “Make America Great Again” song plays in the background.

The message reads, “The only fascists you are fighting are yourselves”.


An archive of the website during the hack can be seen HERE.

An archive of the website after the hack can be found HERE.

An archive of the website after the second hack can be seen HERE.