Anti-Fa members cry on Reddit about getting beat up at Berkeley


Turns out that ganging up and beating innocent people isn’t so much fun when its happening to your side. Something happened at this week’s Berkeley protest that anti-fa groups did not anticipate: They lost. Badly. This isn’t just my opinion, this is the general consensus among all those who attended the protest, including anti-fa members. Unlike most of the other confrontations so far between anti-fa and the supposed “fascist” they are fighting, anti-fa were this time out-armed, outnumbered and mercilessly beaten up. “Anti-fa girl” was just one of many victims.

Following the protests, anti-fa members congregated on several online forums like Reddit’s r/anarchism (an anarchist/anti-fa sub-Reddit responsible for organizing several riots, including this one), to share their disappointment. Some users lamented at the large numbers of anti- anti-fa people who showed up to face them, while others stipulated that their loss was due to a lack of proper organizing. The solution, they argue, is to elect a leader; who will plan protests, disseminate to everyone what their roles in a protest are, and keep them organized.

That’s right, anarchists are now advocating for a hierarchy. You can’t make this up.

The user who made the post lamented that not only were they defeated, but they were defeated in Berkeley; a city that they had previously considered as one of their strongholds:

Bad organization, lack of unity and poor self-defense training, some users argued, was why they lost.

Someone even suggested that they lost because there were too many scrawny women in their ranks with no ability to fight:

And now for the real LOL. They want to elect leaders asap, to better facilitate organizing.

“Our totally anarchist anti-hierarchy movement needs to elect leaders to function properly”:

They even suggested that the police should have intervened to prevent them from being beat up.

The only voices of reason in the entire thread were a few users like the one below, who suggested that perhaps they should stop advocating for political violence and people will stop being violent towards them:

You can read an archive of the thread HERE.


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