Anti-fa made this hilarious training video and then tried to delete it from the Internet


Unicorn Riot, an “anti-fascist” organization raised $6000 dollars on Indiegogo, towards creating a fight training program where they “develop self defense skills in a political climate that is increasingly violent”. The group claims its actions are geared towards protecting marginalized and oppressed groups, and describes itself as an “open facing project”. This means that everyone, regardless of race or gender identity, is welcome to join in their fight against fascism and right wing groups. “Everyone is welcome except the police” – These are their actual words:

Since the election of Trump there has been a dramatic rise in violent attacks against minority and oppressed groups. Rather than give in to fear or turn to leaders who promise power, we believe that people should protect each other and organize their lives together. Haymaker will be a center for Popular Fitness & Self-Defense, bringing free martial arts and self-defense training to Chicago.
We envision a space where people, regardless of ability, can learn the skills they need to stay safe in Trump’s America. We envision a new culture of fitness based on solidarity and mutual-aid. We not only want to improve ourselves, but help create a new world along the way. Help us open our doors to every person who wants to stand up for the fight ahead!

The only problem is, the video they released as part of their propaganda is anything but intimidating – its hilarious. Nothing scares fascists more than a bunch of skinny white dudes lying down in the grass and throwing weak punches into the air, it seems. Even in the video, one of the guys says the club is an alternative for people who may not be accepted into the “hetero-normative masculine macho gym culture”. So basically, gym rejects. Its like these people know they are physically weak or something……

They got so trolled in the comment section of the YouTube video that they decided to nuke all traces of it from their channel. Thankfully, the Internet never forgets:


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