Anti-fa exhibits large volumes of butthurt after Daily Show host calls them “Vegan Isis”


With the midterm elections coming up, a lot of pundits and politicians on the left have deemed it wise to distant themselves from anarchist and anti-fascist groups, as Nancy Pelosi, the house minority leader did earlier this week when she unequivocally condemned anti-fa for their violent methods and actions.

She further called for the arrest and legal prosecution of anyone engaging in political violence regardless of their political affiliations. Yesterday, none other that the Daily Show’s own Trevor Noah added his voice to what has become a large coalition of people who have had enough of anti-fa’s shit:

Calling them “Vegan Isis”, Trevor criticized their methods, calling them ineffective and counter-productive; — Breaking a Starbucks glass, who exactly is that supposed to convince that fascism is bad? ….It doesn’t convince the customer who has to walk an extra 2 blocks to get a cup of coffee, and it certainly won’t convince that worker who has to clean up the broken glass in the morning — I’m paraphrasing here.

As can be expected, the peaceful folks over at anti-fa headquarters didn’t appreciate being called out at all, and they decided to show how peaceful they are… by threatening violence (Thanks to the folks over at Squawker for these):

At first most of the criticism started out pretty mild all things considered, at least compared to their usual levels of insanity:

It didn’t take too long though for the hardcore Anti-fa keyboard warriors to assemble online, and as we all know by now where there is Anti-fa there are accusations of Nazism.  The fact that The Daily Show is a long time liberal TV icon not seeming to matter one bit to these people:

Anti-fa didn’t seem afraid to show their true Communist colors in their outrage either:

Some even cut out the complicated words, and went straight to implied threats of violence:

It should also be noted that a few of those angered by the segment at least made some attempt to be funny in their outrage:

Lets end on a more positive note however, with this voice of reason that stood out among the outraged masses: