Amy Schumer’s book is a massive failure – She blames Internet Trolls


Amy Schumer just released her memoir titled “The girl with the lower back tattoo” and it isn’t doing very well. Despite being No.1 on the best sellers list for more than a week and selling 36,000 hardcovers copies in its first week, Simon and Schuster, the book’s publishing company, are really disappointed in the memoir, which they paid $9 million for.

“The publishers are hugely disappointed. They are going to lose a ton of money,” an industry insider told Page Six.

One of the reasons for the book’s under performance is the amount of negative reviews it received online. The book has had overwhelming positive reviews from critics so far, but the Internet is not impressed. The amazon review page for the book is filled with negative reviews:

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She hated the online reviews so much, she decided to cancel some promotional appearances.

From Page Six:

While critics liked the book, Internet trolls flooded Amazon with one-star reviews, which angered Schumer so much that she canceled some promotional appearances.

“How thin-skinned she is to get upset over reviews by haters who probably didn’t even read the book,” the insider said. “For $9 million, she should do whatever [the publishers] ask her.”

A source at a rival imprint said, “It’s not a disaster, but it’s not a huge success. Simon & Schuster has a long way to go to recoup their investment.”

As for the rival publishers who underbid for the book? “They are happy they lost the bidding war,” the source said. “They are breathing a sigh of relief that it isn’t theirs.”