A night at the Oscars: BLM, SJW, Feminism and cultural Marxism


This year’s Academy Awards were the most “cringy” display of the regressive left’s self-congratulatory circle-jerk virtue signaling I’ve seen in a long time. It was an endless parade of BLM, affirmative action, feminist, LGBT and climate change propaganda, as well as anti conservative candidates (Trump). I had to keep myself from going into projectile vomiting several times throughout the show. Close to the end of the night, I couldn’t help myself..

As my beloved libertarian anti-SJW activists, Lauren Southern put it:

Starting with Chris Rock’s monologue about Hollywood’s “Sorority style racism”, where he criticized Hollywood’s rejection of casting more Blacks in leading roles, or not nominating more black actors for awards. Chris conveniently neglected to mention that perhaps it’s not a matter of “racism”, but simply MERITOCRACY, and perhaps this year there were no black actors who did an outstanding job deserving of an Academy Award nomination.

Chris did have some funny points in his monologue, speaking about how in the 50’s and 60’s black people didn’t complain about the Academy Awards because they had actual issues going on. Also, pointing out that Jada Pinkett Smith’s boycott to the Academy Awards is irrelevant as she isn’t even a true movie star, and quite simply wasn’t invited to the ceremony.

Perhaps the most effective point in his monologue was when he talked about what black actors truly want:

“But what I’m trying to say is, you know, it’s not about boycotting anything, it’s just, we want opportunity. We want the black actors to get the same opportunities as white actors. That’s it. That’s it. You know?

But the thing is…does he realize that Blacks, Latinos, East Asians, South Asians, Middle Easterns, Gays, Lesbians, Transgender, Disabled, etc…are MINORITIES? and perhaps because of that, we (because, indeed I am an LGBT person of color) won’t be as represented in mainstream media as the majority, who are white people of European ancestry in the USA?

Still, the surprise appearance by conservative African American actress Stacey Dash was a brilliant form of trolling. The liberal audience didn’t know if to applaud for her or boo her off stage. Most likely they didn’t even know who she is. Though she’ll always be Dionne Davenport for me.

Throughout the night a variety of winners used their time to speak about climate change, social justice, wage gap, rape culture, income inequality, Donald Trump, etc. Some, such as Mark Ruffalo made a point of announcing to anybody who would listen how they planned on talking about all these issues in his speech. He is saint, of course, and we should be lighting candles to little icons of him. I must say, I do think that using fame and influence for a “good” cause is a noble purpose, but when celebrities go around announcing how kind, compassionate, tolerant and progressive they are…well, it becomes a P.R. move and a gimmick, instead of something genuine and from the heart.

One of the most ridiculous moments of the night was when Joe Biden went on stage and introduced Lady Gaga, speaking about the documentary “The Hunting Ground”, which is more fictional garbage than anything else, utilizing overblown, falsified statistics and extremely broad definitions of sexual assault in order to keep pushing the “1 in 4 women will be raped in college campuses” myth, that actual statistics and empirical data have debunked. But of course, people like Lady Gaga have made a career out of exploiting the weaknesses of her followers, and pushing for a sexual Bolshevist agenda designed to position her as the “queen” of the young, insecure gays as well as a “feminist icon”. Finally, during her performance when she brought alleged rape victims on stage as they held hands, I couldn’t keep my dinner down. Too much bullshit. Not only has she sought to exploit suicidal homosexual pre-teens, but now she is exploiting alleged rape victims. How about cutting the bullshit and writing better songs, Gaga? Because rumors in the industry say you didn’t write that Oscar nominated song anyway.

The award for best original song was ultimately won by Sam Smith, who proceeded to make his acceptance speech all about being openly gay, as if anybody cares. And as if any thinks any decent looking gay dude would have put his dick in him when he was a chubby, much less now that he is looking haggard.

The most anticipated award was Best Actor, presented by the lovely Julianne Moore, doing her best attempt at utilizing the latest Tumblr-ism referring to transgender sexual re-assignment surgery as “gender confirmation”. Gender Confirmation? How was it confirmed? They looked again to their privates to confirm again it was a dick or a pussy? LMAO.

And then there was Leo. He finally won! Good for him, and of course, being a good SJW he is, he made his speech all about climate change (theories) and about anti conservative candidates.

Overall, this night will go down as another pathetic attempt of the regressive left and those in control of Hollywood to undermine American culture, shoving their cultural Marxism down our throats, while also ignoring real issues going in the world in favor of made up bullshit to keep idiots entertained. Because, isn’t that ultimately what Hollywood is best at?


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