A Feminist page declared war on us


Kinfolk Kollective is a “pro-black” Feminist page that takes pride in “roasting” and “fighting” racists online. Of course, their definition of a “roast”, is to mass report your Facebook page or profile and then get you fired from your place of work. Their definition of a “racist”, is anyone who has an opposing view from them; whether said view is actually racist or not. The owner of the page and her followers often gloat about having gotten people fired, by emailing their employers and making false accusations about them to their employers.

I first came across the page when one of my fans sent me a screenshot of them soliciting for funds from white people (by insulting them).

In typical Shitlord fashion, I posted the screenshot on our Facebook page to make fun of it.

Shown below:



Apparently, some of our fans went over to their page to criticize, or just outright troll them. The admin of the page claimed that the people commenting on their posts were “harassing” them, and that that was grounds for Social Justice to take place.

They began messaging people’s family members and employers, trying to get them fired (Including followers of our page who didn’t even visit hers). Apparently, simply being a follower of AgeOfShitlords on Facebook was grounds to get someone fired.

It gets better……

In the comment section of my post ridiculing them, I wrote the following comment:


Now, I don’t know how long you guys have been following my blog, or if you are familiar with my type of humor, but I think anyone with an IQ above 50 should be able to discern that this was obviously satire. My comment was a sarcastic copy of theirs, I pretty much just replaced “white people” with “blacks, gays, women, etc”. That “rape gear” comment was obviously a joke, and I think the 540 people who liked the comment knew that too.

In retrospect, I guess my mistake was assuming that Feminists could understand humor or satire….. They can’t.

Age of Shitlords is going to rape us

The owner of the page, a young lady named “lauryn Whitmer”, alleged that I was raising funds to buy rape gear in order to…….. RAPE people.


She also alleged that we got her page shut down (an outright lie, as I will prove in the next 2 paragraphs), and then asked her fans to report our page in retaliation (they did, and got a couple of our posts removed by Facebook).


Seriously guys, I am going to rape people.

Hide yo kids, hide yo wives, because AgeOfShitlords is raping everyone in here


Remember how she said we got her page shut down? Well a few hours later, the page resurfaced, and she said she had unpublished it herself to “prevent racists from running amok”.


10 hours ago: “They shut down my page”.

Today: “I shut down the page myself”

So, which is it?

Did we shut down her page or did she do it herself? Or was it maybe, both? Is this a classic tale of Schrodinger’s retard?

After some of our posts got removed by Facebook, I thought it wise to un-publish the page for a few hours until things cooled down. The page is back up now, Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

“So are we going to war with her or not?”

Yes and No. I really don’t give a rat’s ass what some idiot posts on her Facebook page. I mean, I’ll make fun of it, but I’m not going to tell people to report it or shut down her page.

However, if this trend continues and they keep reporting our posts, we’ll have no choice but to fight back.

It took three of our Facebook pages getting shut down, but I’m finally tired of taking the “high road”. It might be time to start fighting fire with fire. If nothing else, it will ensure some form of mutually guaranteed self-destruction (I am okay with this).

If you haven’t joined the AgeOfShitlords forum yet, then now is the time to do so. It’s a free forum where all views are accepted, and where you can say anything you want, free from the grasping hands of mark Cuckerberg. In case we ever get deleted from Facebook again, the forum would make it easier to regroup and immobilize with all the other Shitlords and Shitposters who have been following us for the past few years.

It takes less than 2 minutes to register.

Less than 6 minutes, if you’re autistic.

Do it or I’ll rape you.

I now have an arsenal of rape gear, thanks to all the money that you guys have donated.

Link to Forum: http://forums.ageofshitlords.com/