A Cyberbullying Propaganda Flick…Of Course.


cyberbullying has really been getting its ass abused by SJWs in recent years, no? What with Anita Sarkeesian and her being a council member of a new censorship anti-harassment  group called the Trust and Safety Council, it seems that “words hurting people” is a big problem right now, and Anita should know this…..because she made sock puppet accounts to troll her own Twitter account.

However as always, nothing is ever as recent as it appears to be. The idea of cyberbullying and the general “problem” of it has existed for at least since 2010 (possibly even longer), because in 2011 there was a propaganda film called Cyberbully….This oughta be rich!

Created by the Seventeen magazine and the formerly named ABCFamily (whose programming at the time was decidedly not really suitable for the whole family), Cyberbully   Cyberbu//y was a 2011 TV Movie starring Emily “F*ck off I’ll make as many god***n Hanna Montanna jokes as I want” Osment, Kay Panabaker, and Kelly Rowan. It’s about an ordinary teenage girl who decides to make a new account on a social media website. However it’s not the best of both worlds as she get cyberbullied, and it continually ruins her life.

I decided to take a look at this flick to see if there was any merit. Yeah yeah, I know I can be naive at times, but hey, there have been some movies out there with lackluster reputations that I actually enjoyed a bit so I thought maybe that’d be the case with this movie….it was not. What I got instead was a painful piece of propaganda with characters that were either not acting their age, or being incredibly stupid to push this anti-cyberbullying agenda.

Look, I get it. Sometimes it’s a bitch to log on to some social media account to hang out with your friends online and then have it ruined when some asshole decides to hurl insults and harass you. It’s obnoxious, it’s annoying, and it just brings some people down. But this movie makes the issue far worse than it is, in several real cases these cyberbullies are some anonymous jackoff that thinks they’re Billy Badass by saying horrible shit through a screen. It’s best to simply ignore them and then, if it does escalate to report them to moderators. As expected, the main character here doesn’t learn that.

Before I delve deeper into that, I should note that the film on a moviemaking scale is not very good. The acting may be fine, but the script is filled with weak exposition shoved at us (Hey, it’s Taylor birthday, let’s have her mother just randomly say that. Or hey, her father left her, let’s have one of the characters just explain that to the others even though they should already know this, shit like that). The cinematography is shaky and unfocused, fine for intense and exciting scenes but not really good when you’re just showing the characters talk to each other in a gym locker room (unless you’re giving off the impression that this is meant to be a documentary, I guess). It’s also slow and boring. Not to mention the fact that the characters are very unlikable.

Speaking of which, Taylor (Emily Osment) is a b*tch.

 (pictured: a whiny brat)

She is primarily concerned with what’s going on in her life, and doesn’t care about anyone else’s. For example, after she starts getting bullied on the social media site Clickster (because apparently Facebook was too mainstream), Taylor feels miserable after being a slut. A friend tries to console her by saying that he gets several posts online calling him a fruit, a fairy, a homo. Her responses? That it’s totally different because he IS a homo! What the hell?!

I mean, I guess we’re supposed to see her in the wrong for doing this but I honestly can’t tell because she’s always like this. And as she keeps getting harassed, it starts really getting to her. Here’s the main problem I have with this movie:

She never thinks of doing two logical things. A. Reporting the twats to the moderators (I mean, that’s not even discussed!). I know the mods on social media sites in real life are pretty crappy but they can be effective in cases like this. Besides, wouldn’t it be worth a try to report them?

And B. Closing her account and getting out of there. I understand that just leaving a place isn’t really gonna stop the bullying problem, especially if said bullies can harass the victim publicly like at a school or someplace. But the thing is, if you’re getting to a point where the negatives of an environment outweigh the positives, you should just leave. There is no reason for Taylor to be on Clickster, yeah it’s the popular hangout or whatever, but it’s simply not worth it.

But of course, she keeps visiting this place where she gets mostly hostile reactions from other people. Look, it’s not worth it. If you’re in a position where you get hostile shit from people and you have the ability to leave, just leave. Especially if you realize that you can’t change it. Hell, this strategy worked pretty well for Stephen Fry when he left Twitter. But no, she still stays on Clickster, and eventually it drives her to suicide.

 (pictured: The most infamous scene in the movie)

As if the sappy music wasn’t enough, we see Taylor trying to OD on pills…and she can’t even get the f*cking childproof cap off. That is insanely moronic. Yes, it’s supposed to show that Taylor’s going hysterical or whatever but the sad truth is, I’m not one to suffer fools lightly. This is stupid and not to mention, this all could’ve been avoided easily. Even if Taylor didn’t decide to quit Clickster, her mother could’ve quite simply taken the laptop from her and ban it for a while.

I just feel that this whole plot element is forced and unrealistic. But of course, that’s not the end. Because later at the end of the movie, Taylor’s mom manages to get a law passed that makes all forms of “harassment” (Even minor trolling) illegal and that every computer in the state is now being monitored to make sure it doesn’t happen. This is meant to be a happy ending.

And you wanna know the best part of this whole thing? The propaganda seems to have been prophetic. As I mentioned Anita Sarkeesian is now a council member of the Twitter Police to make sure dissenting opinions harassment isn’t made, Facebook’s reporting system makes it very easy for a user to get banned simply for making posts others don’t agree with and even Shit Tumblr Says has gotten suspended once for their opinions. All that has to happen now is that every computer be monit…oh wait that already happened. Well, at least there’s not a bill that makes it illegal to troll…..yet.

Just be happy that this crappy movie got panned for the propagandist drivel it is.



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