Send us your Tumblr Insults


This is going to be very short, because I just downloaded all the season of futurama and plan on binge-watching the entire series again this week, starting immediately after I am done writing this.

AgeOfShitlords in collaboration with MACH 2 Simulations is currently developing a “Tumblr Insult generator”, which when installed om your phone, will randomly generate Tumblr insults and rants (because why the fuck not?).

Because we are such good guys (Not because we have ran out of insults to add to the app or anything), we are opening it up to the public, and you can send in your insults.

Just try to insult people as a social justice warrior would: Call them bigots, racists, fascists, you know the drill…….. All insults will be reviewed by us and the vast majority of them will be added to the application.

Head over to Insult Submiter to add your insult(s).

Or click HERE.