5 Reasons Our Society is Actually Moving Backwards


Corporations, politicians and needlessly over-optimistic mainstreamers all tell us about how the world is changing. It is progressing, they say, and has been progressing over the past three decades. We have better technology, more connectivity, a wider variety of entertainment options, and nearly everything we dreamed of. We are in a new age.

Or are we?

It is very evident that the past few years have led to a skyrocketing of social justice and logic-defying liberal sentiments among the public. Everyday, more and more youth join in on popular internet culture that is actually more backward-thinking than it is forward-looking. Movements like Gamergate and Black Lives Matter highlight this more than ever: we may physically be a part of the modern world, but our brains are still stuck in the distant past. Here are five prominent reasons why.

  1. Identity trumps merit.

Affirmative action used to be a well-meaning antidote to the social problems of the 1900s, but today, it is a poison that has taken control of our lives. College halls and company leaderships are increasingly controlled by quotas that have one and only one goal: diversity. But what if that diversity comes at the cost of capability? That is perfectly okay, of course, because women and minorities in important positions can only mean a good thing. SJWs want us to believe that a person deserves a position simply because he/she is born a part of a certain race or certain sex. Hmm, that sounds suspiciously close to something else

Not very long ago, Black Students Union members issued a 14-page list of  outrageous demands to Oberlin College that included appointing a ‘President of Color’. Feminists well past their glory days, such as Gloria Steinem and Madeleine Albright, seem to have taken notes: only last week, they came out in support of US Presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton and insisted that everyone must vote for a scandal-ridden criminal just because she happens to have a vagina. Had a similar figure said that they wanted America to vote for a man because of his genitals, they would have been figuratively – and perhaps literally as well – stoned to death for triggering feminists worldwide.

  1. Hieroglyphs are back in fashion.

In a classic “What in the ever living f*ck were they thinking?” move, Oxford Dictionary announced that their Word of the Year 2015 was, in fact, not a word.

Yes. You read it correct. The Word of the Year is not actually a word – it is an emoji. The “Face With Tears of Joy” emoticon, which everyone hates to love (or loves to hate) was given worldwide recognition as the most popular word of the entire twelve-month span of 2015. It certainly is an effective means of conveying an array of emotions – uncontrollable laughter, ridicule, the illusion of pretending to be interested, and so many more. But then again, other emojis are just as efficient. Language in text messages is hardly what it used to be – when you have icons to tell the other person how you feel, why would you feel the need to use words? Aforementioned presidential candidate Hillary Clinton used this dependence on pictographs to her advantage in a campaign tweet last year, where supporters were to respond only in emojis. There is nothing cringeworthy in this phenomenon at first glance – and that’s the beauty of it. Think back now, shitlords. When was the last time pictures were used as language?

  1. Protect our feelings, or you’re retarded.

Where to begin? Political correctness are two words enough enough to incite venom in anyone even remotely against modern social justice. It is a concept that has taken the world as a whole by storm, preaching that every single person must be careful with their language so that no one, not even someone not remotely connected to the discussion at hand, is offended. And no, that is not just limited to not spouting words like ‘ni**er’ or ‘sandni**er’ unironically or calling someone a ‘f*ggot’. We must now call non-whites ‘people of colour’, be courteous when talking about refugees, say nothing that implies Islam is anything but a religion of peace, and make absolutely no jokes about women, Jews or Asians. There are too many things to list, frankly – too many do’s and don’ts when it comes to political correctness which, unless you strictly adhere to, will label you a bigot.

Screening each and everything for subtle offensiveness is now the norm. Facebook took down the original Shit Tumblr Says page through its censorship guidelines. Twitter unverified conservative journalist Milo Yiannopoulos for his controversial opinions and appointed an Inquisitorial Squad to speech-police their network. Whatever happened to freedom of expression? Whatever happened to dark humour and laughing at deliberate offensiveness? More and more people demand safe spaces to shield them from the racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic world outside, echoing the days when people would be jailed or at least ostracised for speaking out of line. It seems terrifyingly likely that it’s those very days that will make a comeback, as George Orwell’s dystopia nears…

  1. Appreciation? What’s that?

Another absurd trend that has blown up online and subsequently in college campuses the past year is this ridiculously idiotic notion of ‘cultural appropriation‘. Globalisation resulted in us appreciating that every culture in the world has different customs and different outlooks on life, and we enjoyed the fact that there was such a variety of these to understand, exchange and enjoy. Not so anymore: it is now officially racist and insensitive to wear accessories and clothes attributed to another region or ethnicity or whatever other cultural groups SJWs decide are the minority. Meaning this: a Caucasian male cannot wear Native American headdresses to Halloween and a young white girl cannot dress up in a kimono. Anyone other than an African-American cannot wear braids or cornrows; British band Coldplay and American R&B artist Beyoncé shooting a video on the streets of Mumbai, India is utterly unacceptable. Segregation used to be a horrible thing – regressive and conservative to the core – but it is suddenly uber-progressive. So no tacos or China-manufactured gadgets as well unless you’re Mexican or Chinese. Great job, SJWs.

  1. Science and English are all obviously brainwashing tools.

Remember the days when thinkers and wise men were despised for believing in science more than in religion? When the earth was supposed to be the center of the universe, or when bad weather was god’s way of getting back at sinful mortals? Those days haven’t exactly faded away. Famed American rapper B.o.B. believes that our planet is actually flat, not spherical. Tumblrinas far and wide think that males and females are fundamentally exactly the same, just socialised differently. The theory of human sexual dimorphism, as it is called, is the concept that males and females, among non-hermaphroditic, sexually reproducing species, are biologically different in ways beyond just the reproductive system. This can include size, build, muscle mass, and, yes, the brain. Since this contradicts the popular feminist narrative, they shut it down as sexist.

And science is not the only one – now, words and sentences are also being put forward by SJWs as having negative social connotations. Following the fallout of the Ban Bossy campaign, a Huffington Post op-ed proclaimed the word ‘too’ as sexist. Since that obviously wasn’t enough, feminists on Twitter decided that the Oxford Dictionary was sexist because of some of their word examples (which were, frankly, hilarious). Clearly, science, facts and language were created by the patriarchy as a means to control the general populace. Of course.

Then again, as far as Tumblr users and similarly simple-minded people are concerned, the entire world is out to get them. I wouldn’t expect them to realize what reality actually means.


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