5 Communities and Movements Destroyed by Social Justice Warriors


You may consider Social Justice Warriors to be a recent epidemic, but they have actually been around for quite a while now. Let’s take a look at some of the communities they’ve destroyed and/or thrown into constant schisms.

1. Occupy Wall Street: 

Occupy Wall Street

You have most likely heard about Occupy, a protest movement that began on September 17, 2011 in New York’s Wall Street financial district. The protest aimed at fighting wage and wealth inequality and corruption. At least that’s what the movement was initially about, until the SJWs infiltrated it. Upon taking hold of the movement, they began pushing things like feminism, Native American rain dancing, “rape-free zones,” black rights activism and fighting “institutionalized oppression,” all of which had nothing to do with the goals of the movement. And then they came up with the “progressive stack” (Don’t look up that video on YouTube if you want to maintain your sanity). It basically states that at meetings and protests, ideas would be chosen not on the basis of their merit, but based on the supposed level of oppression of the speaker.

So basically, when trying to solve a problem, black people and other minorities would be heard before white men or other groups considered to be more privileged. That’s right, they were going up against Wall Street, which contains some of the most ruthless and unapologetic businessmen on the planet, and they still had time to play identity politics. One by one, people began to get fed up with it and left in large numbers, which lead to the collapse of the movement.

2. New Atheism:

No other community has suffered at the hands of feminists and Social Justice Warriors more than the skeptic and atheist communities have, possibly because most SJWs and feminists are atheists themselves. The first instance of SJW infiltration took place on June 2011 during the Dublin World atheist convention when a prominent atheist blogger Rebecca Watson headed back to her room from the hotel bar in the wee hours of the morning. According to her, she was met in the elevator by a man who said he found her “interesting” and asked to have a cup of coffee with her, which she promptly declined. She characterized the encounter as “harassment” and advised her male followers not to act in a similar manner. She received a lot of backlash for the video she uploaded, which led to lots of online flame wars in the atheist blogosphere to the extent that even prominent biologist and atheist Richard Dawkins got involved.

Ever since the incident, there have been a lot of attention focused on the atheist community as a whole which according to critics was riddled with misogyny, racism and several other varieties of bigotry. The aim of the Social Justice Warriors, according to them, was to make atheism more “progressive” and accepting of minorities (which of course was SJW-speak for wanting to push their feminist agenda).  They even went as far as creating entire websites like “Rationalwiki”, a Wikipedia type website for SJW nonsense and Atheism+, a movement aimed towards combining atheism and social justice. This led to further division in the atheist communities, where lines were drawn and sides were taken. They are yet to recover from this, and they most likely never will.

3. College and University Campuses:

University campuses are no strangers to the authoritarian left and their war on reason and basic human rights. First, they came for free speech. Within the past five years, at least ten college professors have been sacked or forced to resign for no reason other than holding an unpopular opinion. Teachers who dare question gender studies theories stand a chance of being accused of bigotry, with some lecturers going as far as deciding not to teach certain topics that students might find offensive. Perhaps the worst example of this is back in 2015, when a college professor was accused of  “microaggressions” after he corrected a black student’s grammar. Another outrageous example of SJW ideology on university campuses is their war on due process. For some reason, college activists decided that the concept of “innocent until proven guilty” was archaic and that mob justice was the best way to handle accusations of rape and sexual assault. This has of course led to several rape and gang-rape hoaxes that seem to be on the rise.

4. The Entire Country of Sweden: 

I have often said that if Tumblr was a country, Sweden would be an accurate representation of it. From prosecuting men for daring to pee while standing up, to requiring all young children of reading age to be educated on feminist ideology, it seems like Sweden and everyone living in it has lost track of reality and drifted into Tumblr-land. Have you met any Swedes lately? They hate themselves. They hate that they’re more prosperous than others. They hate their nation. It’s a surprise they haven’t committed self-genocide yet.

Sweden has also put it upon themselves to import millions of third world (mostly Muslim) immigrants into their country, on a near-daily basis. Of course, the mass immigration is taking a huge toll on their economy, not to mention the increase in crime rates. Perhaps this is their way of informing the world that they are tired of living and would love to go extinct, so we shouldn’t feel sorry for them. Like one person said, “How can you stand with Sweden if Sweden doesn’t stand with Sweden?”

5. Comic Books and Video Games:

After infesting and ruining every other community they could get their hands on, it seems like the next area the feminist and SJW think tank wants to invade is Nerd culture. While I wouldn’t go as far as to say they have fully infiltrated comic books, movies, videos games and the like yet, they sure are trying, which is why it earns a place on this list. As far back as 2013, Sweden attempted to introduce bills that would require video games to be rated based on their perceived levels of “sexism,” similar to how they are already rated based on levels of violence and gruesome content. However, they gave up on the idea when they realized that rating a video game as highly sexist [Read: Full of gorgeous, good-looking women as opposed to the ugly, troglodyte, fat blobs feminists would have us fill games with) would only increase the sale of the games. Horny teenagers all over the world are always on the lookout for games that feature sexy beautiful women in revealing clothing. How nice of you to come up with a system that would effectively show them which video games contain just that. Checkmate feminists.

However, not all of their campaigns to regulate nerd culture have been unsuccessful. In April of 2015, target and several other Australian shops stopped selling copies of Grand Theft Auto 5 after feminists petitioned online for them to remove it. They have also called for boycott of several comics and games for being sexist, occasionally succeeding in getting the publishers to change their covers or delete scenes in the game that are perceived to be sexist. One thing is clear, the SJW agenda has come for video games and it will not likely go away soon. As the old Niemoller quote goes, “First they came for Occupy Wall street and I did not speak up because I wasn’t one of them, then they came for New atheism………”