4chan users raid Jeb bush’s website, send thousands of items to Marco Rubio


On February 1st, 2016, Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush suspended his campaign, stating that America was not interested in another Bush presidency. However, whoever runs his official campaign website, Jeb2016.com, forgot to shut down the website, or simply didn’t care. One 4chan user,haven’t spent some time messing around the site, discovered that the site was broken, and you could buy any of the merchandise you wanted, by using a fake credit card. All you had to do was visit the shop, Jeb2016.com/shop (Now deleted), enter a fake credit card number, and then order whatever quantity of Jeb 2016 merchandise you want.

jeb rekt 1

jeb rekt 2


Someone decided to order $691,752,902,764,108 worth of merchandise. We’re not sure if all went through, although we doubt Jeb Bush has that many merchandise running around.

jeb rekt 3


It was this user who had the ingenious idea to buy thousands of Jeb 2016 kids underwear and send them to Marco rubio:

jeb rekt 4


They managed to find Rubio’s Orlando house address and shipped the underwear to him:

jeb rekt 5


There hasn’t been any word from Rubio or his team yet, and there probably won’t be, as they’ll try to sweep this under the rag. Meanwhile, back as Jeb2016.com, so many item were being purchased with no money being made from the sales that someone finally took notice and shut down the “Shop” section of the website. All references, links and redirects to the page have also been removed, and visiting the page directly just gives you this message:

jeb shop shut down


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