4chan users have taken down Shia Labeouf’s flag AGAIN.


Shia Labeouf’s “He will not divide us” art project may be turning into the world’s first weaponized autism world tour.

The project first started at a museum here in the united states, but had to be closed down by the museum, after 4chan users, specifically those on /pol/, showed up on the site to cause disruption and shitpost into the camera.

Shia then decided to move the project to an “undisclosed location”, where the camera was pointed upwards towards a “he will not divide us” flag in the sky. That too did not last long, as 4chan users used flight patterns and star signs to track it down and replace it with a “Make America great again” flag.

Shia decided that the next logical thing to do was to move his project to a different zip code. The flag was move to Liverpool, England, because the United States isn’t “safe enough”. It wasn’t long before the autistic anime image board got to work.

The flag’s location was found fairly soon afterwards.

The only problem; the place was swimming with security personnel. Shia wasn’t about to have a repeat of what had happened the two previous times, so he had several armed police officers guard the place 24/7.

Several people who tried to go near the flag to take it down or just to see it were turned back by the guards who weren’t letting anyone near it. It stayed that way…..until today.

Three masked men observed the movements of the security personnel for quite some time and then made their move when they saw their chance. One of them stayed on the street to act as watchdog while the other two went up.

It took longer than expect to take down the flag, as it was kept down with multiple ziplines. They had to use scissors to cut them down.

One of the guys appeared on the live-stream for a while, and then the flag went down.

There are reports (although not yet confirmed) that the three guys were chased by police cars and officers, but managed to escape.

A defeated Shia Labeouf has now decided to give up on using a real flag for his project, and has now placed a virtual flag on the live-stream.

Visit the new site at hewillnotdivideus.xyz. The old live-stream at hewillnotdivide.us has been taken offline.

Be patient if the new site takes too long to load, it is either being overloaded with too much traffic, or under DDoS attack right now.