4chan users hack large outdoor screen in Cardiff, Shitposting ensues


The Capital of wales, Cardiff, was host to some shitposting yesterday, after some /pol/lacks got bored and decided to hack into one of the city’s large outdoor electronic screens. The screen, located in Queen Street, began displaying swastikas, pictures of Pepe the frog, and satirical images declaring “This is a sharia controlled zone. No alcohol. No gambling. No porn”.

Other pictures included the Big Brother sign from the film 1984 and Pepe the Frog memes, including the alt-reich symbol dressed as a wizard and as President Trump. 4chan /pol/ denizens were certainly amused. The hacker(s) behind the prank claim to have gained access to the billboard using a security vulnerability the screens have (A backdoor):

South Wales Police said they had received a number of calls relating to the incident.  In a statement provided to Wales Online, they said:

On Tuesday evening South Wales Police received a number of calls relating to concerns regarding messages being displayed on the screens in Queen Street, Cardiff. We alerted the city council and will investigate any crimes which may have been committed.

According to a Cardiff Council spokesperson, the council reached out to BlowUP Media, the company responsible for the board, and it has since been switched off.