4chan user masturbates to sister, gets doxed and exposed


Stuff like this happens at least once a month. Some idiots makes a post about one of his family members and then gets in trouble for it.

Just a day ago, one anon made a post on /r9k/, informing the users that he had moved into his sister’s room and has plans to jack off to her underwear. She has a size DD, according to him(His mother told him). He even admits to have masturbated to a picture of her bra before:

4chan 1

4chan 2

4chan 3

And then one user suggested that he should post a picture of her, with her face blurred of course, so that they could get an idea of what she looks like(Bad idea):

4chan 4

Someone forgot that there was such a thing as reverse image search. It was very easy to find the original picture without the blurred face, and to discover her personal information:

4chan 5

That’s when things got serious. They found her Facebook profile and began messaging her:

4chan 6 4chan 7

4chan 9

4chan 13

They even found his own profile:

4chan 8

4chan 10

4chan 11

And then he finally replied, begging for the post to be deleted. He even offered to pay people money if they could delete the post:

4chan 12

He can’t do this anymore:

4chan 14

That was the last we heard from him.