4chan and /pol/ are launching “Operation Google”


Google has really outdone themselves these past few weeks. As if their new terms of service update that would see several YouTubers lose monetization for their videos wasn’t enough, just two days ago, YouTube launched “YouTube Heroes“, a program that encourages users to mass report and flag videos for deletion. But it gets worse; Google just launched a new AI (Artificial Intelligence) program known as “Jigsaw Conversation”. The purpose of this AI is to find, delete and block comments and posts deemed as offensive. These includes comments that are “sexist, racist, transphobic, anti-immigration, Islamophobic….etc”.

The AI works by detecting keywords and terms related to offensiveness. Typing words like “Nigger, Faggot, Tranny, Kike…” etc, will get you flagged and labeled a harasser. YouTube videos, search results, emails and basically everything you do online including those words will get you in trouble. Blog posts that contain these words will not show up on Google search results (This article you’re reading right now will not appear on Google search, because I technically used those words). In short, Google just declared a war on Trolls. The Verge reports that the machine has been trained on over 17 million comments and has perfected navigation of the Internet. Needless to say that this machine is the real deal. Lots of Feminists and SJWs have begun praising the program as a step forward in the fight against “Online harassment”, but more on that later……..

Since this is a war on Trolls, it sounds to reason that the greatest Trolls online, 4chan, weren’t going to take the news very well:

operation google 1

It was from that thread that the idea came from. If Google wants to block offensive words, then they are going to give them the most offensive word to block: GOOGLE.

The plan has already taken root on 8chan’s /pol/ board and several other 4chan boards. Every time they want to use the word “Nigger”, they’re going to use “Google” instead. Let Google block that:

operation google 2

They have already made several posters and begun spreading it around:

operation google 3

See this racist meme about black people?:

around blacks

Its now a meme about Google:

around google

Google is about to become the new face of racism:

google full

There’s more:

google hangouts

And more:

google finance

Since this is /pol/ we’re talking about, the meme will not be complete without some Ben Garrison type Antisemitism.

google skypes

And it seems to be working so far, searching “Google rapes white woman” gives you similar results to what you’d expect when you search “Black guy rapes white woman”:

google rapes

But they’re not only going to replace Nigger with Google, they have alternatives for several other offensive words:

operation full terms