4chan just made their first attempt on Shia Labeouf’s new flag with a flaming drone


As we reported last week, 4chan is currently facing Shia Labeouf’s toughest assignment yet, as the now iconic “he will not divide us” flag has found its way to the top of a building in a French city, high up in the air and well guarded.

Having spent the past week or so discussing what would be the best way to vandalize the flag, one anonymous 4chan user decided to take things into his own hands by launching a first attack on the flag using a flame-throwing drone (Scroll down for video).

Shia’s project, which features a white flag with the words “He Will Not Divide Us” filmed round-the-clock by a camera, has already moved several times from New York, to New Mexico and to Liverpool in Britain because of security problems.

Now installed above an art gallery in an old biscuit factory in the French city of Nantes, the flag came under attack overnight Tuesday-Wednesday by a drone, which attempted for several minutes to set it on fire. The remotely-piloted arson attempt failed when the drone crashed.

“An unauthorised drone carrying a burning piece of cloth approached the flag to try to set it alight. The fireproof flag was undamaged and the attempt failed,” Lieu Unique gallery said in a statement.

Local radio France Bleu Loire-Ocean also reported on Wednesday that there had already been “an attempted intrusion” at the gallery in Nantes, which put the flag on display on October 16 and intends to keep it in public view.

Video footage of the drone attack, filmed via Shia’s own website, shows the flame wielding drone hovering endlessly in front of the flag, trying to catch it on fire. The flag failed to catch on fire and the drone eventually fell down.

Shia Labeouf: 1, Weaponized Autists: 0.

But 4chan isn’t giving up just yet, in fact, this is only the beginning. As one 4chan user puts it, “autism has no end, autism always wins, its only a matter of time”.

“There’s obviously some fire retardant on it. Lesson learned, we will use an accelerant next time” one user posted, while others suggested using glue or paint to vandalize the flag the next time around.

Footage of the attempted drone attack can be viewed below: