4chan doxxed Richard Spencer’s puncher (Not safe for work)


EDITORS’S NOTE: This article contains not safe for work/borderline pornographic content. Scroll down at your own risk.

Yesterday, Richard Spencer, a self described “white nationalist”, was punched in the face by a masked “anti-fa” (short for “anti-fascist”) protester at Donald Trump’s inauguration. Spencer was being interviewed by a reporter about the meaning of Pepe the Frog, when the protester came out of nowhere to deliver the punch, and then disappeared into the crowd:


After the protester’s escape, a bystander chased after him and had a 40 seconds confrontation with him:

The confrontation was short and brief, but it was enough for Richard Spencer’s supporters online to identify the man’s face.

Note the 0:30 moment in the video where he briefly takes his mask off.


The man has been identified as one MR. Raymond Balley; an actual cuck.

Now, when I say “cuck”, I don’t mean it in the “Internet meme” kind of way, I mean an actual fucking Cuckold.

When Raymond (who goes by the name “Slave ray” online) isn’t punching people in the face, he’s letting women poop in his mouth, feed him their poop and many other disgusting fetishes that I won’t bother to describe:


Raymond has appeared in several cuckold and scat fetish videos with “Mandy Flores”, a porn actress who specializes in that sort of thing:



They also found the website of the firm he works for, which only made it easier to access more personal information about him, like his home address and phone number. He is apparently the audit manager of an accounting firm:


The comment section for guests on his firm’s website has basically turned into a Shitpost-fest:


Right now, Internet Trolls who are trying to humiliate the man are left wondering “How do we humiliate a man who literally enjoys being humiliated”?


One thing is for sure though, the memes that are going to come out of this are going to be hilarious: