The Problem of Acceptance

In the modern era, it seems as though inclusivity is becoming more and more imperative to social success. Gays want to be accepted by the public, and they are. Trans-folk want to be accepted by the public, and they are.


In the modern era, it seems as though inclusivity is becoming more and more imperative to social success. Gays want to be accepted by the public, and they are. Trans-folk want to be accepted by the public, and they are. Mentally deficient/retarded/disabled/ill people want to be accepted, and they are. By and large, what was once seen as “weird” or taboo is now socially acceptable. That’s not to say that discrimination doesn’t happen, because it does. But generally, these groups are accepted into normal society.

Everyone likes to be accepted, right? Humans are social animals. We like communication, getting together for a common purpose, etc. From a psychological standpoint, it makes sense that all these groups want to be accepted by everyone else. However, the problem lies in how far they’re willing to go in order to be accepted.

“If you don’t accept me, you’re a bigot!” We’ve all seen it, and we’ve all cringed at the sight. The word “bigot” has become the go-to insult for anyone who is faced with disagreement. Nowadays, bigotry is putting someone down for the beliefs, values, or opinions they hold. We’ve all called someone an idiot for something they think. It’s not exclusive to anyone. Everyone does it. In my eyes, as long as you aren’t planning to hurt anyone, who cares? Someone doesn’t agree with your lifestyle and they don’t want to associate with it? Oh, how terrible. People shouldn’t and can’t be forced to accept something they don’t like. Sure, over time a tolerance will be developed, but that isn’t acceptance.

As stated before, acceptance can’t be forced. The problem with many LGBT rights groups,  trans rights groups or any of the other groups, is that they are forcing it. They demand acceptance or you shall suffer the consequences(whatever they may be). Don’t disagree with any of the statistics they use to further their agenda, even if they are wrong or misrepresented. If you do, you’re a bigot and a jerk. Another issue I see, is that while they want to be accepted as “normal,” they want their own special events? All these pride parades and similar events seem unnecessary, at least to me. It’s just something that says, “HEY LOOK AT ME! I’M GAY! LOOK AT ME! YOU HAVE TO ACCEPT ME!” It’s tacky, and serves no purpose other garnering large amounts of attention.

Even obese people demand acceptance of their unhealthy lifestyles. “Hey, I’m overweight/fat/obese because of [medical problem].” That’s fine, but those aren’t the people I’m talking about. It’s the people like Tess Holliday, who are unhealthy purely due to laziness and improper diet. Being fat is unhealthy, that is the bottom line. Obesity can be linked to heart problems, breathing problems, diabetes, a plethora of other medical issues. Groups like the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA) and the International Size Acceptance Association (ISAA) are part of this new wave of making obesity ok. The proponents of this movement claim that being fat isn’t a problem in and of itself, and that in most cases, long term weight loss is unsuccessful. Being fat is a problem; that fact can’t really be argued. Weight loss being unsuccessful is arguable, but only because it really depends on the individual and their desire to become and stay healthy. Being fat isn’t beautiful, it’s not cool, it’s not sexy. It’s a problem. And giving people like Tess Holliday the spotlight just exacerbates the problem. “Oh well you can still be healthy and be fat, it’s about eating healthy.” Many athletes are overweight, but due to the large amount of physical activity they participate in, their diet, and the low levels of unhealthy fat in their body, it’s not an issue. If you’re eating healthy, but you’re still overweight/obese, and you aren’t physically active, you aren’t healthy.

Then we see all the taboo and just outright fake groups of people who are seeking widespread acceptance. The entire “-kin” thing, all the made-up genders, and pedophiles are all included. These are things that are not, and should never be acceptable in society. The fight for pedophile rights is already on the rise. Some folks are attempting to normalize pedophilia and promote its acceptance in society. It’s disgusting and I can’t even express how sickened I am by it.

The fact that this picture exists shows the level of degradation of social norms. This is okay, because it’s “art.” Menstrual blood on a canvas is okay because it’s “art.” It’s expected that we are going to transform into some magical society that accepts everyone and everything, regardless of how jacked up or disgusting it is. And that, is how a culture collapses. You add bad ingredients into any stew, and that stew ends up tasting terrible.


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