The 9 most annoying Social Justice Warriors on the Internet


5. Zoe Quinn

Having spent most of her previous years on Something-Awful forums harassing teenagers to the point of suicide, Zoe is an internet activist (insert laugh track here) who specializes in harassment, doxing and sabotaging the video games of her competitors – to promote Social Justice of course. She also sleeps with video game journalists in return for positive reviews for her video game (trust me, she needs those reviews, her game sucks). Perhaps her greatest work yet is faking entire chat logs and threads that created the impression that users of “Masterchan”, an anonymous image board were engaged in a harassment campaign against her. She has also been caught creating fake Twitter accounts to send death threats to herself.

4. Rebecca Watson

Rebecca Watson is an atheist feminist who spends her time trying to prove that the atheist and skeptic communities are full of misogyny and racism. She also hosts a YouTube channel and a podcast where she convinces herself she’s making logical “arguments,” which mainly consist of her making faulty analogies or phrasing her points in the form of “X… the equivalent of….Y.” Seriously, it’s as if she can’t make an argument without comparing two unlike things. Watching her videos would bore you to death if you aren’t lucky enough to fall asleep first, as she lacks the mental capacity to form coherent sentences or to stay on topic. She rose to fame (or should I say infamy?) after she accused a man who invited her to a coffee-date of sexism and harassment, an event that would later be dubbed “Elevatorgate.

3. Steve Shives

If you think the two male feminists already mentioned above are bad, wait till you get a load of this guy. Not only does he dogmatically support feminism and social justice activism, but he actually takes it a step further by making videos apologizing for being male, white and benefiting from what he calls his “white male privilege.” Steve considers himself to be privileged even though he is from a poor family and background, is disabled, is autistic (this is not an autism joke, he really is on the autism spectrum), and used to be homeless. He also calls on all males to reject masculinity and manhood and to join feminism so they can check their privileges. He is known for heavy moderation of his YouTube comments sections, and for blocking anyone who disagrees with or provokes him on both YouTube and Twitter. Basically, he’s what people mean when they use the words “mangina” and “cuck” although using such words at him would have no effect as he has no respect for himself or shame.

2. Laci Green

Laci Green used to just be a sex-positive blogger and educator until she discovered Tumblr and then went full-on Social Justice Warrior. She now spends her time making videos on her YouTube channel asking for free speech to be destroyed, talking about how she doesn’t shave her pubic hair, promoting feminism, and other pseudo-intellectual garbage. She’s really proud of her pubic and leg hair, which she never shaves as she claims they promote “unrealistic beauty standards” even as she plasters her face with several layers of make-up. Being an ardent feminist, she is very passionate about sexualization of women, which she talks about on her YouTube channel in front of a camera placed so that it strategically shows her cleavage. To be fair, we can’t really blame her. The garbage she spews is so illogical and boring, that the only reason anyone watches her videos is because of her cleavage.

1. Anita Sarkeesian

If I were to go into details about Anita Sarkeesian and her many shenanigans, it would take all year. Calling herself a “social culture critic,” she uploads videos on YouTube reviewing video games she has never played or even necessarily heard of. There is actual footage of her saying she doesn’t care about or play video games, although she has refused to comment on this and still claims to be an expert on the topic. You can however, be sure that as soon as a video goes up, she’s going to post a link to her Patreon account and ask for donations. Having been caught sending death threats and harassment to herself on several occasions, Anita exploits any and all controversies that come her way in order to claim victim status and ask for more donations. She has recently been employed by Twitter (sort of) in the social network’s online safety department to help with what the site considers “trolls and online harassment.” So its safe to say she’s moving up in the world. Crime really does pay, it seems.



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