The 9 most annoying Social Justice Warriors on the Internet


A Social Justice Warrior is an annoying pseudo-intellectual, self-proclaimed “activist” who spends their time on the internet complaining about irrelevant things and ruining the fun for everyone else. In this list, we select our pick for the top 9 most annoying Social Justice Warriors on the internet.

9. Jenny McDermott

Jenny is an annoying Youtuber and blogger who promotes tolerance and love by sending her opponents death threats and using the fact that they have cancer in attacks against them (She actually made fun of a Youtuber, Total biscuit, for having cancer). When she’s not sending death threats to people and their families, she’s complaining about “microaggressions” and “the patriarchy.” So basically, she’s just your average feminist. You should probably avoid this one as much as you can.

8. Ryan Wiley

Ryan is a self-proclaimed atheist and skeptic who throws away all reason and common sense when the topic of feminism is being discussed. He also considers himself an intellectual, even though his entire debating skill consists of calling every opposing argument a “straw man,” and then throwing a hissy fit when his points are refuted or debunked, which is often the case. Having gone out of his way to make multiple YouTube videos for the sole purpose of defending various women online, Ryan is the very definition of “mangina.”

7. Jonathan McIntosh

Like Ryan above, Jonathan McIntosh is an atheist (who defends Islam) and a feminist (who takes agency from women), and he thinks he knows what is best for them. Jonathan is well known for saying incredibly stupid and unreasonable things online, leading to the coining of the phrase “Full McIntosh” – a variant of the “Full Retard” meme from the film Tropic Thunder. He is also the writer and director of Anita Sarkeesian’s YouTube channel “Feminist Frequency,” through which he explains to women why they are wrong for not feeling oppressed. Because who else but a straight white male should lead the feminist movement, right???

6. Brianna Wu

Brianna or “Banana Wu” as she is often called, is a batshit insane transgender Social Justice Blogger who spends her time baiting trolls online and saying incredibly annoying things with the purpose of enraging trolls so they can “harass” her. She then takes screenshots of the negative feedback she gets and uses it to claim victim status. When her plan fails and the trolls don’t take her bait, she oppresses herself, by harassing herself on Steam (There is evidence for this) or creating fake accounts to send herself rape and death threats (There is also evidence of this). After she finally manages to claim victim status, you can be sure it’s only a matter of time before she posts a link to her Patreon account asking for donations. She is also a video game developer who developed a game, Revolution60, which can only be accurately described as “the worst thing to happen to the video game industry.”




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